I want to have lots of sex before I die

When I turned 40, interest on OkCupid dropped off. I got an occasional message from a contemporary and some from men 10, or more, years older than I. 

I spent 2015 feeling old.

It turns out it's 41, not 42, as one might have thought, that is the magic number. I have never been more popular and the interest is almost exclusively from men younger than 30.

Tinder Match Coversation
22 year old match Why are you here?
Me Lots of sex, you? 
Him *pause* ... something deeper ...
Him casual sex 
Him Are you really 41?
Me Yes.
Him I like older women...
Me Excellent, I like younger men.

But, you might say, "come on, this is online. Everyone loses inhibitions online." But it's not. I'm don't write 41 on my forehead, still I must project it, because the magic works at the pub too.

It's flattering, and while less experienced, they're better lovers than both my husbands combined. The "I like older women" means, in addition to being female and willing, you're a fantasy from a Letter to Penthouse.

But it matters too I'm finally able to say, "no, you can't come in, just because you bought me a drink and drove me home." Banishing the cock tease guilt means you have sex because you want to.

41 - 22 = 19

My mother had me when she was 16, I finally managed to get rid of my virginity at 19. It staggers the mind it was hard to get laid as a teenager, but now I can pick and choose. 

I realized too: sex is not so serious, laugh!

I love this recording from 2006 of Jason Mraz singing Older Lover Undercover. I hope it suites you too.

I'm a round-healed woman


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