What a mess

People are so disappointing sometimes. This morning as I was leaving the house, with my friend Eli, my neighbor caught me and asked me to ask my landlord to pave a path to my door. "It's for privacy," he said, "later I might want to put up a fence or something. " "Privacy", he stressed, and smiled uncomfortably. I was startled, it's never been an issue before, but it's always felt weird to walk down the neighbor's driveway to get to my door.

I felt, I don't know, rejected in some weird way and thought about how messy I kept the flowerbeds and all the recycling and planters. Eli was sure it was about him, "a little racism the start the day". I said "no, no, it's about the mess", and I decided the clear a path along my side of the driveway and move the recycling to the backyard. Turns out the was actually a paved path underneath the weed.

The neighbor came home as I was working and said in that annoying, disingenuous way, "you didn't have to do that, isn't that the land owner's job".
I said, equally disingenuously, that it was "Ok, I didn't mind."
He laughed because I was so cool about it and said, "it's just weird with random people on your driveway, you know?"

Here is the part where I was supposed to ask what random people he meant, because it's only ever I walking to my door, instead I later sarcastically told Eli to stay on the path so the his destination would be clear. 

Here's to making the world a better place.

It makes so tired, why couldn't it just have been about the recycling?

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