Sometimes some religions are not more equal than others

Morning Edition (NPR.org): the Supreme Court has made a decision. You may not refuse to hire someone because she wears a hijab.

Eight to one (politico.com). Huh.

"Some in the business community, however, [sic] were disheartened by the decision."

Apparently, the trouble is, small businesses do not have lawyers or HR people to guide them in the practice of not discriminating.

What if they do it wrong?*

Muttering under breath, pharmacists refusing to fill prescriptions. Because. Religion. Morals. Never mind health. And stuff.

Yah. There's a risk.

Also. Disheartening, "I was a teenager who loved fashion and was eager to work for Abercrombie;" protagonist made cutesy and non threatening.

* Google: First Amendment freedom of religion how to implement

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