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From my note book, presumably copied and pasted from the interwebs. Why? I'm breach of copy right. Though, the right to what?

Dreams and Eric can we really to find a special bread to find the special bread and then we go to the party and the bridge is so she is used to gifts and the spread out until around other birds in like different bread bowls of us normal gift is however I can reach to some red rose ask people to help to get me a piece of bread I look across the table from Blairsville to Brazzaville trying to sleep off to brendas understanding on and then picking up pieces of wood until I have walked the entire hey will this is a very difficult and challenging thing to do because I'm constantly losing my balance or sleeping or whatever just at the dump read this consistency that is hard to keep your balance on the same time I see you walk and then the chest so rather than ask or piece of bread or ask someone to keep my balance while I switch from Brad play some parts place I literally walking my own and dream you do weird stuff and and and in this case it wasn't totally normal to walk on the table from bread bowls of bread rolls but you wasn't totally on the right there people there looking but doesn't seem overly concerned so I come to the end and I show it show Eric sheer then Brad I'm very proud of it and I say something about nothing when but if and Derek a stupid was a buck your future reference it was time to assist something weird surfix a problem it took me time and I didn't dude absolutely reasonable and always saying that's all this afterwards you just ask someone to help me the only help myself to Eric and the help he does for me and grow and get the bread in the first place anything I do that I have to find about those good luck the rest alright sleepy time and

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