Marriage Equality & The Supreme Court & The Haters

NPR: Lot's of Christian anti guy marriage quotes this morning. It would be dishonest of me to not acknowledge knowing they're selected to underscore the Christian bigotry angle. And it works so well.

"Who is the government to say what God says?"

Who indeed?

The always burning fire in me turns into a righteous inferno.


...selective reading of the Bible...

...sometimes marriage is defined as 'a man and many wives, or 'a women and many husbands', marriage is not a Christian invention...

...how do you know what God thinks...

....you do realize that by not regulating which adults may marry the government is interfering less...

While screaming in my head I start thinking about the appropriateness of making a group of people sound stupid and ignorant and making it the representative of homophobes everywhere.

Maybe we, meaning I and my like minded and the media outlets I choose, do this because the motivation for the intolerance, hatefulness and destructiveness of this group is so easily identifiable and expressed.

The dissenters to the ruling in the Supreme Court -- well, maybe NPR doesn't want to take people with such resumes on.

I have always been a connoisseur of news from my point of view. I thought being aware would make it easier to tell the difference been things I want to hear and factual content. It's disturbing to realize how carefully I'm being catered to.

To me, adults being able to choose whom to marry is a no brainer and people who don't agree are morons.

How easy am I to play?

I also have to wonder at how easily I'm lead astray when arguing my point, even in my head. Marriage equality is about equality, so why am I sliding away to the contents of the Bible, what God may think, government and regulations and morality?

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