Hope vs Depression - my money is on hope

FB Post Evil Albino: I hope lithium will be the magic cure. Hope it's all there is, isn't it.

Hope is the meaning of life, its very fabric.

Maybe it frays a little at the edges, maybe the seams are coming undone

But you take it to a tailor and he'll fix it for you.


MA: Nada se construye con piedras; todo está hecho de arena, pero debemos construir como si la arena fuera piedra. (Nothing is built on stone; all is built on sand, but we must build as if the sand were stone.)
~~~Jorge Luis Borges (1899-1986)

Evil Albino: Oh I like that

MA: Inside and out

Evil Albino: Right. I was focusing on the in, but I may at times acknowledge living next to a fault line.

MA: Still got that pencil??

Evil Albino: I have a pencil?

MA: "Study: Forcing a Smile Genuinely Decreases Stress -- Adding a smile to your to-do list can ease the stress of multitasking." - theatlantic.com

Evil Albino: Oh!

Evil Albino: I totally forgot my pencil!

SH: The meaning of life is to save your people at your own expense. If you don't have any people, you can find them, or make strangers your people! The larger the social group the better. For example, humanity itself works well, but it could be the migrant family living in your basement (metaphorically speaking).

Evil Albino: Yes, but let's for argument's sake say that you have an illness like depression which effects in such a manner as to place you outside of any group. In order to save the group one must belong to one. And if saving the group is the meaning of life then you are without meaning.

Evil Albino: I don't think there is a meaning as such. I think that we live because it's a biological imperative. That's how people can live through horrors.

However, I am conflating two things, living doesn't imply meaning. We don't need motivating to live we just do.

Evil Albino: However, when the machine is broken, motivation does become an imperative. If depression isolates you then hope, even subconsciously, of the possibility of belonging may keep you going.

SH: Thank you for explaining that so clearly.

Evil Albino: Bottom line: I don't think there is a meaning,: I think we will die without social contact as surely as we'll starve to death without food.

I think that once you start thinking about meaning, you must construct it, because you have become aware that without it, you're just existing.

Evil Albino: Hence hope.

MA: Yes, yes, and yes. I think you've hit on the evolutionary advantage for hope. Which means that somehow we're hardwired for that shit!!! Fucking amazing, that. Nice, Evil Albino!!

Evil Albino: I always wanted a job where I could just think about stuff.

SH: There are many kinds of death. Your final identity is not the only one that gives your life meaning.


Lifted from Evil Albino's Facebook freed without permission from the other participants.


Yours always,
  Evil Albino

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