Development driven by github rather than need

If your company and your team decide to use an open source project and you do a bunch of work in house and you want to contribute back:

Don't. Create. Pull Requests. For. Other. People's. Code.

The only thing taking credit for other people's work and team work have in common is work.

At the first sign of project priorities and reqs being influenced by "pushing it upstream", take a step back. Take the stairs right out of there.

At least think about it.

The guy who wants to be "involved in the open source community", the one who is your boss, he is now incapable of making sound engineering decisions. He is not thinking "what problem do we need to solve", "how can we solve it in a way that meets our need": he's thinking: " ooooh, look at this cool project I found on github that's sort of works, let's use that.  Let's contribute, it'll be good PR.
.. I should write a blog.... "

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