Time to write a living will

Morning Edition - weaning your relatives with dementia off of anti psychotic drugs because "if you have a child and its crying you don't try to ignore it and drug it".

Let's not increase quality of life for people with terminal diseases because, err why exactly? They should experience the full force of their misery because it's part of life and our love should be enough?


It's like not giving morphine to terminal cancer patients because they can get addicted.

Or, making people who want to die live.

Is it because nothing is quite as satisfying as forcing your own moral values on people who have no recourse?

Maybe it's just that we know what's best for people who are under our control; maybe power automatically entitles us to their autonomy and makes it something we can dole out like a weekly allowance.

My physiatrist pointed out that psychiatry is driven by fads like everything else. When I said this one was exceptionally cruel he said, "for the ill person as well as his caretaker ".

Yours sincerely,
Evil Albino

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