I'm a software developer, because that's what happened what I studied journalism. I gravitated toward the mechanics of our state of the art computer equipment when I was supposed to find the angle and ask the hard questions.

I studied journalism because I wanted to be a writer and ended up a writing code for a social networking site.

I love fun. Who doesn't love fun.

I can be fun, who doesn't love to be fun, everyone loves fun people and people love me when I'm fun. I once saran wrapped someone to a table. That was pretty damn fun, possible less for the saran wrappee, but he took one for the team.

Once, I spearheaded the crashing of a 1994 class reunion. That was great because people are really awkward at class reunions and suddenly there were three people really enjoying themselves. In particular, I enjoyed telling my cover story to people who couldn't remember me -- it was an [predominantly African American] highschool, it was understood that I might make an impression -- but one of my friends spoiled it for me by unabashedly telling on me.

Sometimes, I'm not fun at all. I don't enjoy that much, but I don't hang around other people as I try my very best to ensure fun-ness at all times.

Rock climbing - I did that for a while at Planet Granite. I really enjoyed it. I'd like to try boxing and I imagine myself physically strong, but somehow I never go to the gym. I wonder what's up with that.

MTG. Doctor Who. Star Trek. Jamming. Stuff.

You should message me if:

I don't want to be particular, but since I am, I'll describe who I imagine you to be.

You think about the whys and complexities of things and you have a realistic sense of self and your motivations. You understand why one might find "much, much higher than average" a really, really stupid answer.

You are kind and smart. You are able to respect boundaries and you are able to set them and you don't dissemble.

You are not easily cowed by forcefulness and intensity and you know that a thing can be both itself and its opposite.

Evil Albino


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