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If this is true, this girl is one sick puppy -- and should be vehemently prosecuted. WTF? And btw, I would argue that you can't say the girl is his "friend" when she's ENCOURAGING HIM TO OFF HIMSELF, including telling him to *get back in the car* after he got cold feet (he killed himself with CO poisoning in his car) and got out of it.

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I guess I'm torn about this, because part of my wishes I'd had a friend like that. I can't help but to see it as a form of loyalty. He might have convinced her he wanted this and she helped him through it.

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Evil Albino. No friend EVER tells you to commit suicide even if they think you "want" it *except* in cases of "death with dignity" where people help other people Kevork themselves because they're rotting away with some terrible illness. This kid had his WHOLE LIFE in front of him. If you think a friend would do this, you gotta re-evaluate your idea of friendship, seriously...

I think people have a right to decide to live or die. If I was convinced someone wanted to die, I'd help. I wish the reverse was true.

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