Departure by A G Riddle #3

It wasn't too bad in the end.

The future can be changed, as the Doctor told Any Pond while pretending not to know that the thing he just pulled out of the crack in the universe was a singed piece of the Tardis.

They never did figure out that creating an organization that drains an ocean, and basically runs the world as an eliteocracy under the guise of meritocracy, sneakily sort of like, the wife that gently guides her husband's hand (when we playact that gender discrimination isn't a thing) ...

Is a bad idea.

I've pretty much forgotten the book now. Sorry about that. Happy ending, though;/the girl gets the boy, the lost son is found, and dreams are followed.

I saw a Ted talk recently in which the speaker encouraged us to be wary of stories that'd make great movies.

Tyler Cowen: Be suspicious of simple stories

That book would make a great movie.

Yours sincerely, The Evil Albino.

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