Departure by A G Riddle #2

A few pages later I find I have clearly not given our characters enough time for introspection.

Nick feels there is something wrong here. Not the stealing of the ocean per se, but something else.

Nick has also met his future self. The billionaire and Nicholas conspired; while you know that our billionaire's motives wasn't simply to cure the plague, Nicholas's wasn't either. He wants Harper. He's been longing for her since he tried and failed to induct her and she died in the plague.

The immortals all got to together decided that bringing a plane through time to test the vaccine. To save the human race!! Which currently lives on a space station and can't go home

It's after this decision things fell apart.

One fraction wanted to send the plane back in time, no one on the plane world remember a thing (certainly not dying). and time would be reset. The other fraction feels this is dooming the past to repeat itself -- no one seems to have a trouble with stealing an ocean, but plague!  -- time would go into an infinite loop.

Our billionaire and Nicholas are on the side of not sending people home.

And Nick he can so totally sense something is wrong.

In the mean time the 20 odd immortals are having a battle with guns and stuff. Why?

It'll be made clear to me in due time.

For sure.

I'm sleepy. Nicholas and the billionaire they must have skipped something into my drink.

Sorry, English, sleepy.

Yours sincerely, The Evil Albino.

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