40 Minutes 'til the Next Train

Yeah. I got stuff done today.

Agenda: Thing to Do

Ok, I need to prepare for Thing to Do. Should be pretty quick. Nothing I haven't done before.

Two hours later I am still trying to figure out what to do to get a Prerequisite Thing, because the instructions are clearly wrong. Another Two hours later I have a Prerequisite Thing, sorta, because it doesn't work. Some time later.



Some time after that, let's just start over from the beginning with the Prerequisite Thing.

Finally, a functional Prerequisite Thing.

Now I need to connect a Thing I Already Have with Another Thing I Already Have with the Prerequisite Thing.

The Thing to Do, you see, has to do the with the circumstances during which this connection is called upon.

Connecting away, and away and away. And it doesn't work. And then it works and it's a bit of a mystery why, but who's complaining?*

Now, I can start on Thing to Do and I did it and it works.


Agenda: Thing to Do COMPLETED-ISH

Leaving for the train.

* I am!

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