exhales... "Ok, ok, here's what we're gonna do..."

It's ten to two in the morning. As I pointed out in my previous post I know sleep, food and meds are the three most important things in my life, without them everything else falls apart. So, here I am, in the lead in the self destructive olympics.

*jumps up and down and waves*

I turned off the iPad and ended the House of Cards knitting marathon. (I'll have you know I knitted four dish cloths.)

I took my meds, and I drank a bunch of water. We both know it's a bad idea to keep typing until the meds make me sleepy, but alas.

We also know cloudy pee is not good.

Let's move on.

*makes an exaggerated effort to move on*

Tomorrow I need to make an appointment with my GI doc, because while we're on the topic of no goods, distended stomach is no good.

I also need to make an appointment with my optometrist. I am wearing my last pair of lenses. I am a week and a half into weekly disposables.

Oh, yes, health is one of my things.

Earlier tonight, I suddenly realized my mouth was full of blood. It was quite the heart stopper, spitting blood into the sink. I have decided that it was from sucking on my gums -- I vigorously brushed my teeth this morning (to make up for less than vigorous maintenance), and my gums are sore. There wasn't exactly a gaping wound anywhere.

I keep getting distracted.

*swats are fruit flies*

I need to make appointments with GI doc and optometrist, go to the pharmacy and refill my meds, pay the electricity bill and my doctors's bills. Also doing work would be great.

These are the priorities.

*furrows brow in concetration*

OK, light's out.

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