Who am I

I am someone new. Someone without a history on the Internet. I invented myself just for you.

Have I rid myself of my history, my past, my memories? I wish. But I have rid myself of four years of blog posts.

As best I can.

There's google's cache, and browser caches, and RSS feed caches, and proxy caches and the wayback machine. The idea was not to eradicate my alter ego (well, actually...), but to create a new one that cannot be directly linked to my credit report, and more importantly, to my previous alter ego.

Here I am, at your pleasure.

If you're motivated enough, you could try to get godaddy to reveal the person who owns the domain erandachi.net or, you might ask google for the email behind the email or the phone number setting that allows me to recover my password.

If you're really tricky, and I have no idea how this might work logistically, you could try to identify me by my style of writing, a la Author Unknown. The book that was so popular some years ago and remains one of the few non fiction books I have read cover to cover.
The NSA approach would lead you back to the RL[1] me and the second to my alter ego's blog. From there you'd have to connect the alter ego and the RL person. And who the hell would be interested in doing that?

I am mostly harmless.

Erandachi and Gidjabolgo and both references to a series of books. I won't deprive you of the pleasure of googling them.

The question is, do I start off where left off, or do I create something new, less personal, a blog with content that might actually gain me more than two readers? The personal angst pond is rather well populated. To make a splash there you need to be angsty indeed and a really excellent writer to boot.

Well, we'll see. It's a brave new world.

  1. Real Life, as in IRL, In Real Life.  ↩

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