Oh no, Comcast

There is no company that push my buttons like Comcast (maybe Apple, aaargh Apple!). Customer service leaves a bit to be desired, and I moved fairly recently and transferring my internet service didn't go as smoothly as I'd hoped.

Well, OK.

Transferring the service was quick and painless. Comcast was practically falling all over itself to sent someone to my new place. I did have to stop the technician from installing software on my computer, and I had to listen to him grumpily tell someone at Comcast that the customer wouldn't let him do it, but that was it.

Then Comcast sent me a bill for installation $250, installing a new special jack $50 and setting up wireless internet $50. I think there was something else too, but I try not to dwell. I spent hours on the phone with Comcast about these charges. The technician spend 15 minutes at my house, installed no new jack, in fact told me my jack was fine and certainly did not set up any wireless. I didn't actually order any wireless, my cable modem doesn't support it and while I have a wireless router ... well, whatever.

I talked a number of people. They were not very helpful once they realized that "the technician put it on his slip" wasn't going to make me go away --

Oh, I remember now! Comcast also charged for transferring TV service -- I haven't had TV in, I don't know, 5 years? -- and it also charged rent for the modem that I bought on Amazon.

-- After much teeth grinding I got to talk to someone who removed the $50 jack and $50 wireless, the rent and the TV transfer fee. You'd think that'd show up on the bill as credit, but you'd be wrong.

So, it started all over again. After more teeth grinding I got to talk to someone who acknowledged that the credit was there but hadn't been applied. And you'd think that'd show up on the bill as credit, but it never did and at this point I am just not going to call back. Comcast won. It's a thief and I hope it goes out of business.

You'd think that there'd be alternatives for internet service in Silicon Valley, wouldn't you.

Today, I ran a speed test and instead of my very, very fast internet I only had very fast internet.

I couldn't face talking to customer service, instead I went for the online chat, and I put poor Jeffy through the ringer (what does that ever mean?). He sent many signals to my cable modem, had me restart it several times. Then I thought, hey, why not connect the cable modem directly to my computer? It took me a while, because apparently my computer had to be connected to the modem while the modem booted in order to get an IP and I wasn't sure which one of the many grey ethernet cables was connected to that particular computer. By the time I'd gotten an IP Jeffy had left the chat. He should have stayed.

He'd have been pleased to know that this angry Comcast customer had turned on a Quality of Service feature on her router cutting her download speed by 50%.

You didn't! Yes, I did!

I still don't like you, Comcast, but I was wrong about you. Maybe we can be friends someday, after all.

P. S. Did you know that blogger's spellchecker wants to correct Comcast to Compost?

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