Some other stuff

  • Someone once told me that signing my letters with a lowercase k was a way of minimizing myself.
  • I guess I am back to writing, I just don't want to do it instead of other things.
  • Diatomaceous earth is to ants as sharp cliffs are to a castaway.
  • My cats are sure to figure out I am not competent to take care of them.
  • One of my cats is in my lap voluntarily and I have no idea why. Perhaps she's ill.
  • If there are 200 reades for each comment Google needs to fire its analytics team. I had 4 visitors yesterday. Even if I had 4 unique visitors every day that's still only 124 every month. Please tell me my math is wrong or that it's not about immediacy -- that it's cumulative and that that's just as good as 200 faithful readers.

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  1. Anonymous23/8/13 13:50

    The 1-in-200 rule is from marketing, perhaps in the Internet age the ratio has changed (I doubt that by much). The main idea behind the number is that it is a long-term average. Say, between the present situation where you have few, but relatively active fans, and the future when you become famous, but hardly 1 in 1000 bothers to post. :-)