Where are ya'll coming from?

I usually have a handful of readers. Then last month I had a couple of entries with more than a hundred visits each according to Blogger's stats. Google Analytics is always far more conservative in its estimates and was showing a somewhat less dramatic increase.

According to Google Analytics I've already had more than a hundred visits for February. That's the number of visits I'd expect for an entire month in two days.

The really startling thing is that proper websites have outpaced the russian porn sites as referrers.
I am not complaining, but I am bracing myself for when it goes back to 5 visits per post.

Edit (two minutes later): if you keep it up Google may actually allow me to create a google+ account for Kagero. Google is rather strict about the "real person" thing unless you have a well established interweb persona.

Edit (two days later): it's clear that the entry about the Facebook legal notice is what's caused the increase in traffic. It's unfortunate that the rest of the blog is just me talking to myself about me. Perhaps I'll be able to momentarily capture another 200 people if Facebook decides to settle a few more class action law suits.

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