Preparing for Emergency Preparedness

I need to prepare my emergency preparedness  It's like putting together a first aid kit, I have to decide its scope and my skill level. Will I be setting bones, staunching heavy bleeding, doing appendectomies (probably not) or just treating cuts and scrapes? Questions I am asking myself:

What type of emergency?

The are so many things that could go wrong, from a power outage to an earthquake or a snowstorm that shuts down power, water and sewage, to a tornado that blows your house down, to the zombie apocalypse.

How will my environment effect the scope of the emergency?

An emergency that takes place in the deep winter is different from one that happens in an area where the temperature rarely drops below freezing. I need to determine the geographic/environmental specific variables, such as whether there is a risk that I'll also get flooded in case of an earthquake.

Who will I try to save?

Myself, my family, my pets? My entire neighborhood?

For how long?

How long will the average emergency last? The fallout of Katrine lasted for some time. The zombie apocalypse (and indeed any breakdown of civilization) will last for a lifetime.

Is there something someone will die/become disabled without?

Like medications, for example. Does anyone I want to save have diabetes? Severe mental illness? Seizures? Allergies?

Where do I put my supplies?

If the house is likely to be leveled it might not be a great place, on the other hand if I'm in the house when it happens it's probably a moot point.

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