No one's irreplaceable

It seems Frank's replaced me now. Given the speed at which Ted did that too I have to wonder what made them hold on so long just to replace me so soon? Perhaps for some it's freeing to get out of a dysfunctional relationship; once the burden has tossed to the ground you're free to pick up something better that's been laying about all along.

Well, be that as it may. Someone needs to happy so the rest of us can hope for happy endings too.

I am jealous, though, and my stomach twists into a little knot. It's OK. If it doesn't hurt when a friendship ends you didn't do it right.

I can't imagine trying for a close friendship or a romantic relationship with someone new. My therapist says that's depression talking, and he's right. My aunt doesn't want pets because they'll eventually die. I don't want to get close to anyone because we'll eventually start drifting apart again. 

So, here's for me and Frank!

Beautiful Mess -- Jason Mraz taped at the Nobel Peace Prize concert 'cuz irony.

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