I have to admit I am bored with Girls and I haven't even seen the show.

If you feel a bit lost, it's the show about 20 something women on HBO that feature only white women. Well, at least the first season did, perhaps it's expanded its horizons now.
At any rate.

Not that anyone asked me, but here is what I think: generally writers write what they know and perhaps Lena Dunham's experience being a 20 something was her hanging out with her white friends? It seems a bit strange to accuse her of racism, but perhaps no stranger than considering all white people, or all people, racist. Technically we are. It's just a matter of being conscious about the choices we make, the thoughts we think, the judgements we make, especially those that are automatic.

Personally, I tend to choose women authors over men, but male technical co-worker over female. I think about women differently, relate to them differently than I do men. It's automatic, and even when I notice it's hard to be gender neutral. I have similar automatic behaviors with regards to ethnicity, but it's harder to talk about, and certainly feels much more dangerous.

The only trans co-worker I've had fascinated me to no end because of her gender identity. I am not supposed to stop and stare, I know, I am not supposed to stare right through her, I know. I didn't know how to behave, it seemed rude to ask personal questions, so I didn't, I really didn't speak to her at all, but I did argue passionately for her to be hired, in part because she fascinated me. So, I guess I am a trans-wanna-be-hag? I just need to get over my shyness.

I am not really defending the show Girls as such, but the anger seems misdirected to me. Isn't it HBO that should be criticized for consistently choosing white writers who write shows about white people, and then casting all those shows's characters with white actors?

By now, does Lena Dunham even have the credibility to create a non-white character? Did she ever?

Apparently Dunham nailed her own coffin shut at the Golden Globes the other night by saying Girls was for all women who didn't fit in. Of course, that's a remarkably stupid thing to say if you've been barraged with criticism for excluding non-white women. Perhaps that's just further proof that her life does not really include non-white people?
Where was this debate when Sex of the City was the hottest shit ever? I even watched that show. The only minority character I can recall was Samantha's lesbian experiment, the one that occasioned the too-much-talking-too-little-fucking rant.

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