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There have been some fairly high profile instances of internet harassment recently, teens killing themselves because the adults in their lives failed to support and protect them. I am sure you heard.

What is a little bit extra sickening is that it appears to be ok to harass and declare teenagers the enemy if they say stupid things that's hateful and, well, stupid:

huffingtonpost.com, 10 Of The Worst Anti-LGBT Moments Of The Week, October 27 -- November 3:
Every weekend we bring you a round up of either the best LGBT moments from the week before -- our "Something To Celebrate" series -- or, as you'll see below, the worst anti-LGBT stories from the last seven days in our Know Thine Enemy feature.


The Texas teen whose anti-gay views got him suspended from school last year ... stars in [National Organization for Marriage]'s new "Marriage Anti-Defamation Alliance" video. "I've been called, like, the Hitler of our time…people who've said they want to commit suicide because I have breath in my body," Ary, who was 14 at the time of his suspension last year, says in the clip.

I'm so proud of my fellow progressives, we're risen so far above the hateful intolerance and myopic, self-serving rhetoric of those evil mother fucking UNprogressive spawns of the DEVIL (that we don't believe in)... Well, those bastards are certainly not human and entitled to any compassion. In fact, they totally deserve all that's coming to them even if they're teenaged boys encouraged and bolstered by hateful adults. It's a WAR and they're the ENEMY.

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