For your own good

Every time, I pill the cat I think about the difference between abuse and care. Sure, she needs the meds, but how is me showing stuff into her mouth different from the people whom she is slinking away from whenever she hears a loud sound?

Likewise, how does a child tell the difference? If you're scared, and someone's hurting you, isn't that traumatizing regardless of if you're in the hospital or you're getting the shit kicked out of you by a parent? Wouldn't a child resent a parent, or a cat resent its owner, if the person hurt him or her regardless of the reason the pain was inflicted?

We never really discuss PTSD as a result of things that were done for our own good. It can't be because it doesn't exist, right?

Yes, I am disregarding spanking, even though some people argue its benefits. It fills no useful purpose from my perspective. While for your own good is used to justify spanking I personally feel that it's total BS.

A relative of mine spent some time in the hospital as a teenager, coming close to dying, although I can't remember from what. She told me that during that time she had made peace with herself and the world and she stopped being afraid of dying. But there must have been more, what else did she feel, does she still feel?

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