Disenfranchised by Dragon Dictation & general malaise & colonoscopy

First time:
So I'm really tired and get started yesterday felt really tired Keyauee the Linkville entirely and then stilettoed house I did some stuff validity when I get home to assist cost and I went to sleep. P.m. and I will conflict bánh mì and then I went and in addition to tired Housefield

Now, I have a tinsy, tinesy bit of accent (that no one can ever place) and sound like two packs a day, but "Linkville entirely and then stilettoed house"?
My psychiatrist, who loves this piece of software (although I think he uses the desktop version), says you have to teach it, but the iPad version doesn't allow for that. Perhaps it's supposed to take it's cues from a fully taught desktop version. (Hilarious, I know.)

At any rate, I was trying to complain about the numerous symptoms that for the last few weeks have been coming and going in a way that's making me cranky and useless: I am tired, tired in the "I need to go to sleep my muscles don't want to maintain a sitting position" kind of way. I have sores in my mouth, specifically on my tongue. They're not large, googles images have some truly horrendous examples, but there are four or five of them instead, end of course, even the invisible ones have a way of hurting like crazy. My stomach doesn't want to work properly. My throut seems vaguely sore and sometimes when I breathe I get that weirdly urgent feeling you get when you're about to cough or when you're out of breath. And it seems like I am on the verge of a UTI. My nose is stuffy, and then runny and then clear and then stuffy again.

None of the symtoms are stronge enough to be really bothersome, except the tiredness, and it seems silly to see a doctor about them (doctors are fucking annoying and not interested in all your symptoms just the first one, "make an appointment for the other ones".)

Also, my irritability has taken on a slightly irrational turn. Whenever my IDevice (powred by apple) cannot come up with a speling suggestion, I think it's being deliberately obtuse. For example, Google has no trouble realizing that "colonoscapy" is the half blind, dyslectic version of "colonoscopy". I bet even MySQL's soundex could figure that out. While my iPad underlines the word in red it cannot find a replacement. Of course, when it does come up with a replacement chances are it's my own misspelled version. It apparently keeps a user contributed list of spelling alternatives. Words that I, deliberately or not, failed to correct. I am basicallypoisoning the dictionary with my low vision and out of order typing. There is no way to edit the user contributions either. Perhaps there is an app available thru Cydia that offers this functionally, but I am not going to wade through gazillions of themes and ringtones to find out. Yeah, it turns out that's what ppl want when they jailbreak their iPhone: the ability to change the system font. Go figure.

Five minutes ago my iPad decided it doesn't need to highlight misspelled words at al, except iDevice at the beginning of the previous paragraph. Who knows why. Tired.
The point of this rant was to arrive at my reaction when my device can't figure out what I mean: first thought is that apple is doing it on purpose, god knows why, advertisers don't was device associated with shit? Second thought is that apple is too incompetent to rival google is spelling corrections and too proud/lazy/obtuse to put its users first and license the better technology.

Was going to write about colonoscopies too. Maybe later.

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