Problems with food

I've had issues with food since I was little. Although it didn't start as a problem with food in general, it started as a problem with sweets, candy, ice cream, cake. I wanted these things very badly.

I'd steal sweets, I'd shoplift, I'd steal money so that I could buy them.

I remember several specific instances, such as practically demolishing a cake. The cake sat in the dining room and I'd keep sneaking in there and breaking off and eating pieces until it toppled over. I can't remember if I was caught, there is a suspicious absolute lack of memories of what happened after.

Another instance: my grandmother kept a box of orange flavored, half moon shaped chocolates in a cabinet above the fridge. To reach it I have to move a chair and climb up. I kept returning to the box over and over, and as the frenzy grew, I got more bold. I kept going even though my grandmother was sitting clearly visible in the next room talking on the phone. I took her silence to mean that should didn't notice. Later she divided the remaining chocolates up between my cousins and left me out. She said; "you already had yours." I lied, and whined.

Another instance: I am at a day camp. In one of the trailers, closed but not locked, there is a medical kit with children's aspirin

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