Context and self confidence

Today I got acquainted with Annie Laurie Gaylor. I listened to a YouTube video of her talking about the women in the history of freethinkers.

Gaylor is the co-founder of Freedom From Religion Foundation and an author, feminist and freethinker. Wikipedia calls her a self-described feminist, whatever that's supposed to mean.

A freethinker is a "a person who forms opinions on the basis of reason, independent of authority or tradition, especially a person whose religious opinions differ from established belief." This doesn't have to mean "atheist", but they seen quite closely connected. Atthough some appear to be deists and others agnostics.

Freedom From Religion Foundation is an organization that works to ensure the separation of church and state. Which to me seems very urgent right now, with the shit conservatives and honestly wtf? democrats are getting away with. I know the election is coming up, and to me that's a reason to up the game not descend into religions fervor. Have they taken leave of their senses? Anyways.

Here are a series of YouTube videos about morality and religion and why saying that America is built on Christian values is, well, not congruent with reality, and why that's a good thing. (I was going to say, "and we should thank god for that." Har, har.)

Listening to Gaylor, who has been an activist and thinker all her life, talking about women out of history who literally walked through fire and were freethinkers and activists in eras that predate women being actual persons in the eye of law (they were on the same level as children and "idiots") was, well, humbling.

It sort of put my inane ramblings about Frank in perspective. Here I am putting all of my intellectual powers at work trying to understand and have some kind of satisfactory exchange with one person while these women went through hell so that I might have the freedom to be my own property.

But that got me thinking. I, and a lot of people, are self absorbed and talk about and endlessly analyze ourselves not so much because we think we're that important, but because it's the one think we can speak about with absolute authority.

I'd love to write about books, and sometimes I think I should and then I read some follow blogger talking about unsuccessful story devices and world building and I'm like, shit, I don't know anything about literature or how it works or its history or its terminology.

I'd live to write books and have my heroes unrealistically save the world at the end of each , just like Dan Brown, but I don't have the balls.

So, I stick with the little things. The things I know. The things that while they matter, because I actually think that interpersonal relationships and how they work are important, I'll use the smallest possible perspective so that while it'll interest no one I won't presume either. No one will take me to task for talking about things I don't know, because I'll write endlessly and uninterestingly about what I do know.

If it were up to people like me we'd still be grunting and clubbing our dinners.

On an unrelated note: Bloggers' iPhone app is absolute shit.

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