I'm like a boy

Frank tells me I'm like a boy because I say stuff like "All the good looking guys at work are already taken," or "The possibility of seeing Iwan Rheon* naked is the only good reason to start watching HBO's Game of Thrones". While I don't think it's particularly boyish of me to like to look at or prefer to date guys that I find visually pleasing, it appears to be -un-girlish of me to say so. I belong to the more pensive sex, I'm supposed to look beyond surface, at least in mixed company.

I met a guy on OkCupid that does parkour (see Iwan Rheon in Misfits!). I slept with him on our first and second "dates". The sex wasn't overly interesting, but he was lean and muscular, fascinating to look at and touch, not something I get to lay me hands on every day, so to speak. I put dates in quotes because there wasn't much prelude to the sex, and very little conversation. When I pointed to the lack of communication as a reason things weren't working out he got upset. He'd expected some different level of commitment from someone he'd slept with. I didn't make any such assumptions about him, and it could certainly have been character flaw on his part rather than a presumption based on my gender.

In general, I don't do one night stands, I find them rather pointless, but I will if the novelty factor is great enough.

Visuals... so women's sexuality is supposed to be less visual than men's, which is supposed to be explain why men consume more pr0n. I have always found pr0n exciting, but I haven't always felt ok about feeling that way, and I think therein lies the crux: we have a bunch of preferences and ideas, and because they seem so pervasive they seem "natural". Why nature would bother with preprogramming one gender to like to look at sex and the other not to, when it has important stuff like flight or flight to concern itself with, is beyond me. Thinking about it is frustrating, talking about it is exasperating. Things that are not palatable are best kept to oneself even when burning with the need to understand why it's not palatable.

Iwan Rheon looked AMZING naked in the British sci-fi Misfits. I would be quite bummed if it was a body double.

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