Blogger's new interface

I'd just like to angrily whine about the new blogger interface. I don't see well, so I crtl + a lot. I mean a lot. Different websites behave differently when you do this. Many, like the cluttered infernos that are news sites, become unusable (that's why I get all my news via RSS) but generally Google's sites are well behaved. I zoom in, they adjust. Blogger however does not.

As a web developer I have been taught, and tried to adhere to the zoom twice rule. That is, your website should still be usable after two crtl +. The above screenshot is blogger after one. More and more of the text I am writing, and trying to see, disappear under that right edge with subsequent zooms.

Yes, you're right. I can highlight all the text and choose a bigger font, and I will because I like to be able to see, but damn it, I shouldn't have to.

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