Random Thoughts

The new blogger layout: it's useless. I zoom once, I zoom twice and suddenly the input text box is underneath the right side menu. What happened to the zoom twice rule? I am so tired reminding myself that being visually impaired is my fault and I can't expect other people to care.

Not living up to my own expectations of myself: I have never been good with persistance, but not writing no-pressure, anonymous blog is a new kind of low.

The need-for-attention monster in my stomach: It weird I started viewing the writers of all the blogs I added to my blogroll as some kind of extended friends, regardless of reciprocal blogrolling (I think I am just so used to nonreciprocal relationships that I finally stopped caring and it felt like growing up.) Regardless, the fact that anyone reads and replies to anything I write has been quite astounding. The need for more attention, more eyeballs might require more attention, more research, me writing about something other than myself... It's not going to happen.

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