Too Intense

So, I met this guy who was completely inappropriate for me -- a drug dealer, user and drinker in fact -- but the little I learned about him I liked. But, one date and a zillion ignored SMSes later he finally tells me I am too intense and he doesn't want to go any further.

Why am I already so emotionally invested that I am crying?

Let's postulate that I am generally incapable of dealing with rejection, because the idea of falling in love with someone after drunken sex, sporadic SMSing, a little more sex (in leu of a date) and then some more sporadic SMSing, is just too depressing to consider.

God, I really hate this shit.

BTW, obviously my previous post was supposed to be more interesting, but I didn't have the time and I prioritized posting over quality. I'd like to get into the groove again.

1 comment:

  1. Rejection sucks, even when (or, especially when) it comes from someone that you yourself should be rejecting!