Brainfuck Conversation

Sergey: are u online?
Sergey: anyway - if not - there is a party tomorrow and u could crush it
Sergey: let me know if interested

[Next day]
Kagero: what kind of party and where is it?
Sergey: it is in [nearby city]
Sergey: 9 - to - 3
Sergey: it is a party of 30 y/o DJs
Sergey: but there is several twists to it
Kagero: webpage?
Sergey: it's actually a radio station with substantial following
Sergey: I want to do long-term business with them and I can not afford to mess up
Sergey: it's basically a business deal for me
Sergey: with some risk attached
Sergey: my risk. not yours.
Kagero: ok, what do you want from me, and which company, and url?
Sergey: I don't want nothing from you. Sorry for trouble.
Sergey: maybe next time
Kagero: ok

  • Dramatizing situation: risks, twists, can't afford to mess up,
  • Withholding information (to increase the value of this offer): name of company, url of company and party, place of party,
  • Admitting that this a business meeting, but refusing to clarify my roll: eye candy,
  • Withdrawing the offering when I am not unquestioningly accepting a chance to 'crush the party.'
I  find this stuff manipulative and patronizing and I take offense. Despite having repeatedly explained to Sergey that I am not interested in being the eye candy in his schemes, he remains stuck in that Pet Shop Boys' song. He seems to believe that my ambition in life is to front someone else, the implication being that that's all I am good for.

Perhaps Frank hates being part of my fantasy world just as much as I hate being part of Sergey's.

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