Progress & It's not Always so bad

I Have Made Social Life Progress

For a while, a few years back, I and an English major friend would get together and analyze poetry. We did Seamus Heaney's Bog Queen. A piece of writing which, after you've read it over and over to figure out something intelligent to say about it, starts to seep into you mind and then finally makes a permanent nest there. Anyway! I contacted this guy and asked him if he wanted to pick it up again and he said "Yes, let's do the once a month thing." Hurray for me!

And It's Not Always so Bad

My last few posts have indicated I've been in a slump and that my fixation with Frank is getting a bit out of hand. Today I feel much better. The feelings are not gone but they're not like a jackhammer in my mind demanding attention and resolution. Without the deafening noise my outlook and mood improve drastically. I made some accomplished latte art for my cappuccino this morning and the bike ride to work was lovely (I laughed happily when I took a wrong turn instead of swearing like a sailor.)

(I don't like the extremes, but I am making an apt.)

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