It's the shoes

From: Kagero
Date: June 22, 2011
To: Frank
Subject: It's the shoes
The lack of room for comprise is baffling, hurtful too, of course. Should you find some space for conversation -- i mean the let's sort stuff out kind they're always on about in CL's Missed Connections -- let me know. It's exhausting to hate you. 

Why Does It Hurt So BadDead silence. Of course, this is what I wanted. One can only wish for an addiction that will actively fight back. I am curious which of my many flaws finally triggered the rejection. And I theorize unhealthily over smug he must feel that I say so much stuff and still can't let go.

I don't have anyone to share my new shoes with, so I'll share them with you.


  1. They are, indeed, spectacular shoes.

  2. Yes, aren't they? I wore them with jeans shorts to work yesterday. I was a foot taller and knew I looked outrageous and it was awesome.