And that's Why Bulimia is Poor Weight Mangement

In school we were taught that bulimics, unlike anorectics, are often slightly overweight. It's because, we were told, throwing up is a very inefficient means of purging ingested calories.

Hate MeOnly last week, I was sitting in my therapist's office telling her that I need to loose weight. I had dreamt the night before that I lay paralyzed on my back while awful, choked noises came out of my throat. I tried to communicate to Ted with my eyes and the tip of my fingers to get me into a seated position, but he just stared at me dolefully (through the face of my first husband). After a long struggle, I finally overcame REM. I opened my eyes to find the cat sitting there looking at me with alarm, and the memory of that wheezing noise still in my ears.

That is sleep apnea. You fall asleep, your tongue relaxes and falls back in your throat and prevents you from breathing. When you gain weight the fat makes your throat more narrow and worsens the apnea.

This afternoon I came home, and I had a generous piece of quiche. And then another. And then two pounds of strawberries. Still not satisfied, I went back to the kitchen and got the rest of the nine inch quiche and ate it with my fingers while I lay prone on the couch watching Monday Monday. Eventually, I was disgusted by the texture and with a few morsels left I stopped eating and threw the pie out.

Then I thought, what the fuck. And I drank half a pint of water and proceeded to throw up the food. This is a lot harder than you'd think. Unless you're sick your stomach is not very motivated. A lot of water (for lubrication) and perhaps ten gushes later I had still not reached the strawberries.

Clearly, the method of sticking your fingers in your throat is completely useless. The amount of work involved to throw an entire quiche back up is enormous. Once that quiche reaches your small intestine the battle is over. This is why it's better not to eat it in the first place.

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