A Reason to Avoid Pr0n on the Interwebs

Technically I have nothing against pornography, because theoretically it's performed by consenting, non-intoxicated adults getting paid to do the things they do. I don't believe it's particular unusual, or sick, to be aroused be watching other people have sex. Especially if it's looks like they're having a good time and enjoying themselves. Porn also does something for me that can be achieved far less efficiently with my imagination or written erotica. I'm in and out, so to speak, in a couple of minutes instead of agonizing eternities which mostly just result in sore lady parts and no climax.

So, I choose to believe that for the most part no one was bought or sold for the starring roles, no one was forced or threatened, no orifices were hurt during the filming of this movie...

Earlier this evening a girl with the telltale features and slowed speech of Down's Syndrome showed up on my screen to question my justifications. Because the stuff I consume is free as in beer (though quite legal), there is no real way for me to ensure I only watch content from reputable sources (so to speak).

There is something incredibly disgusting and unsettling about this. All men suddenly turned into disgusting degenerate freaks. And I part-take in that. Now that shit is sick.

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