The last 24 hours as I recall them:

First 9 hours: while eating 1 million calories worth of sucrose: leaving work, stopping off for coffee, continuing on my way home.
Next 3: Coming home, giving cats their meds and food, editing blog entries I wrote on iPhone, mooning over Frank, chatting on IM and while browsing websites with neat stuff (InventablesUnited Nuclear and American Science & Surplus). Some time after midnight (my computer tried to shut itself down automagically at midnight) I went to bed, listened to the cats fight. and fell asleep.
At hour 18 (7 AM): Turning off the alarm ("it's Saturday I can sleep some more before going to the vet, which closes at 1 PM, and the bike store, which closes at 6 PM.")
Less than hour ago: Thinking "I should get up now," wearily sitting up, noticing the cats sleeping butt to butt next to me, picking up the iPad to check the time. WTF, it's 5:30 PM?

According to my confused thermometer (there is a marked difference between ears and tries), I may have a fever of 101.5. Yeah, yeah, so I like to check my vitals.

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  1. This morning the thermometer claimed my temperature was 103.5 in one ear and 99 in the other, so I have decided to throw it out. I don't need help to imagine that I am sick.