Men who think they know it all

As I have gotten older, poor and inconsistent logic presented to me by men - yes, that's right, those bedicked bastards - who thinks themselves, and are not too embarrassed to share, cleverer than most,  and most definitely cleverer than me, is driving me up the wall.

I wish I could put on a face of patronizing pity at these ceaseless displays of stupidity, but my pride and vanity gets in the way. It really infuriates me when people who are demonstratively irrational tells me I should stop trying to be logical. 

I find the gender aspect here kind of interesting, actually. In two ways really, the first is my knee-jerk anger directed at men as a group, the second is that I have never known a woman 

I have never had a similar relationship with a woman, however; it's definitely a reoccurring theme in my relationship with men. Ted, yes, Sergey is by far the worst. If I tell him it makes me angry when he makes statements without backing it up with any data, he'll walk away and then later come back and declare that I am mad because I have a headache. Mike is somewhat different, although there is some friction he is willing to listen to my arguments, and then possibly dismiss them as rubbish, but at least he is honest and he seems to take some time to reflect.

I don't want to suggest that this type of behavior is specific to men. No you don't get it, I really don't want to draw any conclusions with regards to gender at all. Frank and Sergey has been feeding me that bullshit for years. And all they have to back it up with are their own painstakingly undocumented personal experiences and common stereotypes.

What do want to suggest is that the men I have run into have displayed this behavior and it in turn has made me equate baseless belief in one owns infallibility with manliness. Although intellectually I realize that that human need to catalogue and classify is leading me astray my eyes roll back in my head when I hear a man confidently declare something ridiculous. Depending on how ridiculous it actually is I will also feel insulted and if it's bad, really, really angry. My mind goes into red-hot: "Do you think that just because you have a cock...?"

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