Dammit, where are my glasses?

So many clever ploys have failed to solve the problem of the missing glasses, keys, wallets. Usually because I forget that I have a clever ploy. While married, I tasked Ted with searching the house for these items every morning. He didn’t like it.

Recently I bought a wallet that attaches to my pants with a retractor, because I have a habit of sticking my wallet in my front pocket and losing it. It's a hassle replacing the cards even when the prospect of calling people doesn't make you shuffle nervously around the house for days or weeks. I also bought a key storage, which attaches to the house wall. In it I intend to keep the door key, which is currently under the doormat. I have used the doormat key so many times. The one time I forgot to put it back, I was able to climb in the kitchen window, which made me realize I should use the safety stop on the windows.

My glasses are usually in one of three places: by the computer, by the bed, or in the bathroom. They're probably there right now, but when you can't see, such unspecific information becomes useless. In my brain, a plan is taking shape involving vividly colored boxes attached to the walls (by the computer, in the bedroom and in the bathroom). Not that my plan is any help now.

Argh. I'll just have to do without.

[Edit 2011-06-24]


  1. The problem with glasses is you need your glasses to see them!

  2. Yes, indeed.

    I still haven't found them. A couple of days a go I had a scare when I misplaced my several prescriptions-ago-back-ups.


    Well, they were scuffed up and scratched and it's time to see the optometrist to have my eyes checked so I supposed I might as well get a new pair.