Note to Self

This time I'll do it
Stay away from the covered benches on the northbound platform. The bums sleep in there.

Yeah, I'm an asshole, but I am not concerned with the panhandling or the challenging conversation - a man left me there to take care of his unconscious lady. I was negotiating with the 911 operator as he jumped on the next train mumbling something about not needing any trouble. He saluted me with his beer can as the train pulled out. I waited for the paramedics while trying to get over my horror at this wreck of a person. The woman stank to high heaven, bad enough to make me wretch. She was a pile incredibly dirty fabric. When she regained consciousness she started rocking and groaning. My lame attempts at ascertaining how she was doing was ignored. The paramedics, who arrived after what seemed like a really long time, greeted her with jolly smiles and by name. They told me she was a regular and waved me off.

So, as dehumanizing as "bum" is I can't come up with the current PC term for a homeless alcoholic, vagrant is it? What concerns me is that they sleep in there.

The reason to stay away from those rain shelters is the smell.

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