Why bother with 2Pac? You're caucasion, his view his not applicable to you.

It's true, at first I was just curious, different culture that is practically isolated from me even though I share its country. I also wanted to impress someone.

Then I started get the impression that he has been quite an influence both on his conrwmporaries and those that followed. I am not qualified to judge if it was because he was that good or because he died violently while in his early twenties. Perhaps both or neither. The past is created by the history compilers, as Sergey might have said.

Why they call you a bitch
Describes a mother getting buried after a life of prostitution and drug use, who frequently left her child ob its own to score.
The rapper argues that this is why they call her a bitch: addiction, prostitution, being a bad mom.

You could argue that the song is just an observation of reality: break the rules, even the implied moral ones, and you pay the price.

But I don't think that's what the song is about. It an angry rant justifying hating and abusing women. It's saying it's ok not try to understand or emphasize because look at what they are doing.

The rapper does not condem society's response, the men buying sex, the dealers selling the drugs, the man who impregnated this woman and then left. Indeed he doesn't condem himself for abandoning the person he considered a friend , instead he goes on and on about why he calls her a bitch.

Of course, if she was his friend truly, then it might all be an elaborate expression of his own guilt and helplessness.

Why do I care? Frank described this song as one 2pac's socially concious. He couldn't see the womanhating part at all. He said if you keep spreading your legs what do you expect?

That's why I care.

I don't know how to explain that those judgements are the problem. Yes, it may be practical reality that a woman with many sexual partners will be considered immoral and might be the target of reprisal. But even though that is in essence how the world currently works, The world is wrong.

You could say it is ok to make a moral judgment about someone based on personal and contextual values. We do this all the time,

It's never really ok though to treat them badly, to abuse them and call them names.

As a socially concious writer it would have been 2pac's moral imparative to deal with this, instead of repeating stuff that obviously true or have a guilty outburst.

As a person, though, he can say whatever the fuck he wants.

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