The OkCupid Experiment

Last summer I decided that online dating would be worth a shot. My workplace offered no interesting specimen, my social life was and still is non-existent, and I met my previous two husbands online, so what could possibly go wrong?

I signed up for a number of sites and I was appalled at the ridiculous prices charged by eHarmony and match.com. For reoccurring monthly fee of $50 or more the guy better come with a gold-plated dick.  The interfaces for most of these sites are just horrible, further emphasizing the price: they want me to pay for tolerating their bugs? Insufferable. Most of these sites don't even let you try them (you can't contact other members) unless you pay, so I ended up signing up for some of them.

 I did pay for speeddating.com, but I find the whole concept goes against my approach to the world. I like to lurk, to observe, and then approach carefully, I don't like to have a chat thrust in my face. I find it intimidating and too intimate, like someone stepping close and staring you in the eyes for no reason.

I tried a few socializing apps on my iphone too, where goal is to just kill time talking and flirting with strangers rather than the more serious pursuit of finding a mate.

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