Stop Bitching about Kanye West

I am tired of hearing about what a misogynist Kanye West is, and how horrible Monster is. How is this news?

The other day a protester outside of the White House was saying of Mubarak and Egypt that the US's stance is "unacceptable!" Mubarak has been in power for a long time, why is it unacceptable now, and why the outraged tone of voice as if suddenly some new information has come to light that changes everything?

Kanye West has always had a troubled relationship to women. Did you ever listen to Drunk & Hot Girls or Gold Digger? Honestly, all you have to do is read the lyrics online. Can't Tell Me Nothing, for example,  contains the gem "how do you stay faithful in a room full of hoes?"

But it seems that trying to sort out his actual feelings and thoughts about women, by reading and ingesting his massive collection of music (or talking to him), would be too much work.  And to figure out why he seems to be just another caricature of the stereotypical Angry Black Man, even more so. It's easier to jump on the Monster band wagon. The video is said to have pictures of Kanye fiddling with dead girls' bodies. Very unpalatable and very, very visual.

I know, it's horrible, but it's a) a fictional work and b) the song is a metaphor. Stop being so fucking literal.  Pay attention, many of his other songs are not metaphors. If you bother to listen you'll find that he seems to take a pretty strong anti-educational position. I find that outrageous. But hey, no dead chicks.

If you want to be annoyed follow Kanye West on Twitter or Facebook. His endless self-promotion makes him sound like a pimply high school outcast with low self-esteem. Hid feed is full of lazy-ass headlines for you.

Whatever his faults, he does produce some dope shit. And really, he is not the actual issue: I am far more concerned with the wage gap. Kanye is just a big, shiny distraction.

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