Radical Dishonesty

Lies! Lies!! Lies!!!: The Psychology of DeceitI am tired of people. The dishonesty and stupidity of them all, their obnoxious walking around as if it's not completely obvious, like their noses are not giving them all away.

It's not the let down. Really, it's not. It's the pretense that's so nauseating. That they're insisting that they are doing nothing wrong. Indeed, their actions are somehow normal, and the poison that oozes out of their mouths, why, it's the truth!

And then, inevitable, the sneaking suspicion that it's all me. I caused it somehow, and I deserve it. I am the unworthy one. I, with all my faults plastered all over my face, I am shit; everyone can see! How can I possibly believe that I am not?

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