"Is your blood blue?"

"Is that why you're so white?"


"Waaaaaah!" Arms covering face. "You burn my eyes! Go away!"

The thing that's affected me most is being born albino. Of course, it doesn't account for all my quirks, but I think it accounts for my distrust of people, an ear attuned to sarcasm and loathing, and an inability to look people in the eye.

There is nothing that sets me off like rhetorical questions. I hear the smirk, the probing, in the voice whether it's there or not. I feel so weak and manipulable, but really, I have just been trained like one of Pavlov's dogs to associate conversational tricks with the meanness of the spiteful, stupid kids of my school years.  

It's fairly rare these days that anyone comes up to me on the street and suggests I get a tan, or that I hear "albino" echoing after me as I descend the subway. My hair has grown darker, tans are not as fashionable as they used to be, and my glasses are not as thick and heavy as they were when I was a kid. People just presume that I am Scandinavian. Which is pretty close to the truth.

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