As much as I try to remain calm and centered and quiet I still end up grinding my teeth in frustration.

People, on TV and on the news sites I read, are quoted saying ridiculously stupid things. Pundits and bloggers and professional experts are making stupider comments about the stupid shit. What does it all mean? Not a fucking thing.

Later one of those assholes (probably all of them) are going to smugly announce that he was right all along. If we had just bothered to listen to him we wouldn't all be buried in the pile of dust left from the bombings by Al Qaida. Then Smug Asshole, in an astonishing fail in prioritization, will move on to name some other Asshole on some specific news station the spawn of the devil and the root of all evil.

It's all boring and useless and a waste of my time and energy. In the end it results in nothing. No one I know cares about politics or politicians anymore. No journalist, politician or commentator has any credibility left. You'd think the point of these institutions was to inform the public, but really it's about blowing smoke up our asses. And if anyone ever contacts me with regards to a project in my neighbourhood or National Health care, it's either to elicit my vote or my money. Usually the latter.

And yet... This disillusionment and cynicism on my part is a problem. It's a problem that my eyes sort of glaze over when someone speaks at a certain level of abstraction or starts comparing Obama to certain leaders of the former Soviet Union. It makes me miss what comes next, the part about how these seemingly history-less, IQ-challenged people actually go on to make decisions about my life. They made me so frustrated and angry that I can't see through the veneer of stupidity, and I figure it's no use and I just don't bother to vote.

Makes me wonder if that was the plan all along. While I am grinding my molars down, with my back to the muted TV, those fuckers can do whatever they want.

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