The City

I walked the City for hours yesterday. My companion guided me, while endlessly explaining who I am, what I should do, pointing out my squandered heritage and wasted potential. By the end of the day both my ears and feet were blistered.

I should move to the City, it will solve so many problems for me, he says. I will automatically be exposed to a higher quality crowd, no more need for online dating sites. A move to the city to an appropriate area will also raise my innate quality. The proper framing will make me more interesting.

The City's bustling busyness will energize me and propel me into action. It may not make me achieve, but it will infuse me with the shot of wheat grass and caffeine that I need to do it.

The City is my stage, my crutch; I should move. If I don't try to help myself my companion will give up on me and move on to someone more deserving. Why should he waste time on someone who will not take the simplest steps to help herself?

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