Brittish Crime series..

How much time can you kill watching TV? Answer: all of it. One day I'll wake up and realize I died while watching some unconvincing drivel about serial killers. Seriously, how many serial killers can there really be? Our Nordic pride, our one and only Thomas Qiuck, is still news in Sweden despite it being so very long ago he was convicted. Of course he has taken back all his confessions now and his new lawyer thinks the investigation and trial was a travesty of justice.

I have the distinct sense that despite Quick telling the police of several locations of his murdered victims nothing has ever been found. I wonder if that's true, and if it is why is he in jail and not the loony bin? It all started to fall apart a while back when it came out that the burned pieces of human bone that were offered up as evidence turned up not to be bones at all, but wood and plastic. Some Swedish bone expert, or another, said you could tell just by looking at them and she was baffled by the Norwegian and German experts' assertion that they were human bone, and bone from a young person at that.

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