Up late with the haters

I can't sleep
All the haters are awake, too
Keeping me company
But not you.

It's OK, I have the haters
Who tell me I am restlessly turning over
In the bed I made myself
(Although I never do.)

It's a figure of speech, they say
Don't be stupid, you're causing you own problems.
But when you think you're being smart
It's so easy to be stupid.

The haters won't let me get away with it
They say if you were so damn stupid yesterday
You probably will be
Tomorrow too.

Don't recall why I was thinking of you
Perhaps the haters brought you up,
An example of exceptional failure.
But I am lying.

I do recall; I thought, like I always do
There is so much wrong with me
It's no wonder you don't like me.
I'm so stupid.

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