Gail Bryan

I went to a concert Sunday. It was by one of my favorite artists. Last time I saw him I had a fantastic time (I got myself drunk off my ass so I wouldn't spend the concert thinking of Frank, stupidly I didn't do that this time).

Someone called me about half an hour into the warm-up band's gig. Since I have deleted Frank's numbers and the number seemed vaguely familiar, I thought "It's Frank, he's here, he wants to spend this concert with me." It's one of his favorite artists too. He being there seemed completely plausible.

I used Anywho to look up the number, and I got no results. I tried Verizon, because I thought Frank has a Chocolate and isn't it Verizon that sells those? But I got nothing from Verizon either, other than that the number might be with Sprint. So, I tried Sprint, still no name to go with the number.

Eventually, I decided to log into my phone-provider's website to check my phone bill. Frank's number should be on the bill. But first I had to figure out which phone number to use to log into the account, Ted's, and what the password was, SMS to Ted, after that I had to negotiate the site on my iPhone to find my part of last month's bill. Ugh.

The number wasn't there. But Frank has two numbers. This could be the other number.

I sent an SMS to the number: "Who are you?" Received: "Sorry I accidentally called you" Could mean anything.

I was clapping, singing, dancing ditstractedly while thinking of Frank and the accidental call. How do you call someone accidentally? Does your finger slip down the addressbook and jerk on a random name by accident? I don't think so.

I decided that I must call the number. I must call it while not exposing my own number or revealing myself by the background noise. The first was easy enough - I'd just turn off caller id. But what to do about the second?

I didn't even register that my favorit song was playing until the chorus started. I tried to get into the spirit of things. But my mind was buzzing and I couldn't stop scanning the crowd. I sang louder and wiggled my ass harder to make up for it.

After the concert I was sitting outside on a stonewall and I kept scanning faces, but he didn't walk by. I was waiting for Ted to come pick me up. I thought more about his "accidental" call and it hit me that I could call the number with the phone on mute. That way nothing would give me away. So, I did.

Several tones went by and then it answered, "This is Gail Bryan's voicemail."

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