He did respond. I just didn't see it because I had created a filter to mark messages from him as read and archive them. I had forgotten about it. I was trying to create a filter to simply delete his messages, but I couldn't make myself do it.

Is it a sign of my insanity that i have sent him 5 emails and he has sent me two? Or is the insanity that i am counting? I am so scared of wanting too much and yet I somehow end up wanting desperately.

We're arguing, but for now it's better than me counting on some weird bug in Yahoo to constantly check his status.

He says he blame him for everything. Well. Says it leaves me guilt-free just like blaming my bad marriages on my husbands. Well. Well. I said "Bam! You win."

It's true, I loose. I wait. I hurt. But I can't say I didn't bring it on myself.

My friend, Veena, said "I don't blame you. It's love. You can't help it. i judge him." God, I love her.

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